Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is MousePinsOnline?

We are husband and wife, and have two children. We are frequent WDW visitors and DVC members. Once our children began pin trading, we sought out ways to purchase less expensive pins for that purpose. Over time we made contacts with ProPin, and this eventually led us to the opportunity to open MousePinsOnline.


2. Why do we price our pins the way we do?

We are only a husband and wife and are not in the pin business trying to make a huge profit.  Several years ago our children got into pin trading and we quickly learned how expensive this hobby can be. When we decided to open our site we had only two goals, the first was not to lose money and the second was to offer a less costly alternative when purchasing Disney trading pins.  And while the first hasn't always happened we try hard to make the second happen as best we can.  We do purchase pins from individuals who want/need to sell their pins.  And while most of our pins are not new, they are in good condition. 

We would like to make a little money doing this but my wife and I both have been blessed with good careers and have no plans to get rich doing this.  And, as long as our site doesn't interfere with our day jobs we plan to continue it.
3. Do we sell on Ebay?
We do not sell pins on Ebay and have never sold pins on Ebay.

4. Are the pins on our site tradable like any other Disney pins?

Yes. All pins on our site are ©Disney pins, and are tradable like any copyrighted Disney pin.

To help clear up confusion about a copyrighted product, I would like to add a little more information about copyrighted products. When someone becomes a Licensee for a company, like Disney, in order to be able to manufacture and sell products, and the Licensee pays royalties on these products, these royalties are part of the license agreement which allows the Licensee to put the company’s copyrighted logo on their products making the merchandise copyrighted.

5. Has anyone who purchased pins from MousePinsOnline had problems trading them?

All of our pins are copyrighted Disney pins, and each pin carries the "©Disney" stamp. They are tradable anywhere Disney pins are traded.

We have gotten a lot of feed back from individuals who have purchased pins from us to trade. No one has notified us indicating that they could not trade pins purchased from us.

6. Will MousePinsOnline get other Disney trading pins?

When we made out first pin purchase our plan was to sell the stock and close this site. The future however sometimes has other plans. We have decided as long as the opportunity presents itself we will continue to try to purchase additional copyrighted Disney trading pins to sell on our site.

7. Are any of your pins Sedesma pins?

None of our pins are Sedesma pins.

Our grab bags do not contain ProPin, Bertoni, Monogram, or DigiTech Disney pins as these pins are considered collector pins. 
Please feel free to call the telephone number listed on our site with any questions.

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